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As has been discussed before, we do not allow "thrift" or "economy" NMR tubes to be used in the facility. The Wilmad versions of these tubes can be identified by their red caps. Mid to high quality tubes (507 or better) should be used on all systems. Although 507 tubes are acceptable for the systems in the Chemistry facility, for best results, 528 tubes or are recommended at 400 MHz, and 535 or better at 500 MHz. These tubes are available directly from Wilmad Glass ( and vary in price from about $7 to $22 per tube. The Kontes equivalent to the 507 is the 897230, and the Norell equivalent is the S-5-300. The Chemistry stockroom has a selection of acceptable NMR tubes. Note that for Varian spectrometers, an 8" length is recommended.

Please check with us if you would like to purchase tubes from a different manufacturer.

Care must be taken in cleaning and storing tubes. Never use a brush or base bath for cleaning. Do not dry your tubes in the oven in an erlenmeyer flask or at high heat as this could cause warping. To dry NMR tubes, lay them flat on a sheet of Al foil and use LOW heat. For a primer on proper cleaning and storage, please read the following article:

As stated in the previous post to the forum, tubes have a lifetime beyond which they can easily break. Tubes which show signs of wear (cracks, etching, etc.) should be immediately discarded!!!

Hopefully, if better quality tubes are used and greater care in handling is observed, spectrometer downtime due to broken samples will be minimized.





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